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Re: [Xen-users] XEN on Debian 5.0.1 does not start


Am 09.06.2009 um 21:16 Uhr schrieb Markus Hochholdinger 
> Am 03.06.2009 um 08:56 Uhr schrieb Alexander Menk
> <alex.menk.lists2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> > I am trying to setup Xen on debian 5.0.1.
> > (they use grub2, i replaced it by the legacy grub)
> per default i see no grub2 with a fresh Debian 5.0.x installation:
> dpkg -l | grep grub
> ii  grub                                  0.97-47lenny2                
> GRand Unified Bootloader (Legacy version)
> ii  grub-common                           1.96+20080724-16             
> GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (common files)

it seems Debian 5.0 installs grub2 if the boot hard disk contains a GPT 
partition table.



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