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Re: [Xen-users] Xen 4.0 feature request

>>O.K., you CAN use other external tool to have a consistent snapshots.
>>Very unique mode are use LVM, BUT, if you want have use a LVM 
>>snapshot, you MUST have dedicated LMV volume for ANY virtual 
> Following the threads in here, I think it's fairly common to have one 
> or more LVM volumes defined in Dom0 for each guest. For example, if I 
> had a guest called "guest", then I'd probably have LVM volumes named 
> guest-root, guest-var, and so on.
Sorry, but if you have a clustered filesystem with some TB of available
and some tens/hundreds of configured DomU,
is NOT probably (for manage complexity) that you have a dedicated LVM

> The problem is, that unless you are looking from INSIDE the guest, 
> then what is in the LVM volume is NOT what the guest things is in the
> ...[CUT]...
I does not can go into your words,
but I think that shapshot problem are TOTALLY independent of used 
hardware/software/partition schema/filesystem!
During my message in this thread, I have write that vmware
have a very powerfull tool that allow to try a consistent snapshot....
....I does not have idea that this tool work, but....
...it work!
And it's make vmware very powerfull, with a really and simple backup
regardless environment....

If it's possible have same condition with XEN, I think that one of major
they do choose vmware would be less!


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