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[Xen-users] DHCP problem when changing motherboard

I've just moved a drive which contains a Dom0 and multiple DomU's to a new motherboard. The Dom0 is FC8, kernel 2.6.21-2952, with Xen 3.0-x86_64.

The new motherboard is completely different, and I had to make one change to get the domU's (various Windows and Linux) to boot: in the vif line in the config file, I changed the bridge from xenbr0 to virbr0 (no idea why, but it works).

However, I have got one problem. With the old setup, the DomU's got their IP addresses via a DHCP request to a hardware router, and the router gave each DomU a fixed IP address, according to its MAC address.

In the new setup, the router isn't seeing a DHCP request from the DomU's. Instead, the Dom0 is serving up addresses (in its own subnet; 192.168.122, instead of 192.168.1). Xen is presumably handling this direct, since there's no DHCP server installed on the Dom0.

The DomU's can still see the network, but the rest of the network can't see them.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?

Thanks -


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