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RE: [Xen-users] winxp x64 gplpv driver missing?

> Not to mention IA64 /* !!! Itanium != x64 !!! */ from to time to time, because
> there never was one anyway :( ... I know, I know, no boxes for developers no
> code - but for us who are not developers (not about IA64 and Xen at least) but
> who have access to ia64 boxes ready to be (ab)used, is there any hope ? /*
> quiet sobbing */
> ZP.

I did start looking into this, but IA64 uses a fairly different hypercall 
method, the code for which will need porting from somewhere (Linux or mini-os), 
and I'm not sure that it will actually be a small job and I just don't have any 
time (or ability to test, as you mentioned).

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