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[Xen-users] Unsigned GPLPV drivers

Hi all,

I've got the need to use the GPLPV drivers on a Windows 2008 domU but it
will be better for me to use unsigned drivers rather than test drivers. I've
spent the last couple of days building the drivers using the Windows DDK and
not signing them, but they only make the domU blue screen. I'm not sure if
it is my build environment or the revision of the GPLPV code I've checked
out from the repo.

Has anybody built "stable" drivers for x64 Win2008 which are not signed? Or
is it just the revision I have checked out? I've tried both the current tip
and revision 36fef48dbfa9, both with the same results on the machine
(although there are no visible errors during compile).

Any help is appreciated.


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