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Re: [Xen-users] Unsigned GPLPV drivers

>> >
>> >What is the BSoD? Is it 0x7B?
>> >
>> >I don't think Win2008 x64 will ever load drivers if they are not
>> >so that's the error I'd expect.
>> Yes it is 0x7B. So even if you tell 2008 to ignore signing from the
>> menu it will still blue screen like that? If so, the only alternative
>is to
>> run with your test-cert signed drivers in test mode (aside from,
>> purchasing the legitimate certificate and signing them properly).
>I can't remember exactly how it works. I think you can enable
>'testsigning' mode where it will accept any signature (not just WHQL)
>but I don't think you can boot with unsigned drivers.
>There may be some hacks available to work around this though...

Should it be possible to install the certificate the driver is signed by
into the system so that it effectively becomes trusted (and doesn't require
test mode)? Currently my test domU is blue screening even with test mode enabled
so I'm not sure what is going on...

Oliver Hookins

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