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[Xen-users] Xen unstable with vTPM support compiling troubles..


I am trying to follow the tutorial from Didier Colin here : http://cybione.org/~cdidier/blog/200812020841.html to install Xen unstable over my Ubuntu 9.04 with vTPM support.

I follow all the steps (skipping the tpm emulator as my machine already has one), and I'm trying to make world, and troubles are beginning here.
I get the following type of error:

sym_crypto.c: In function 'Crypto_symcrypto_initkey':
sym_crypto.c:71: error: format '%s' expects type 'char *', but argument 6 has type 'int'

[other similar errors are following for other lines of the file that look the same]

The "guilty" line is this one :

TPMTRYRETURN( buffer_init_copy (&key->key, keybits));

I dont understand the error at all, as this function has only 1 argument, or if talking about buffer_init_copy, it only has 2 arguments...

To try to solve this problem, i found here http://osdir.com/ml/emulators.xen.cvs/2005-08/msg00799.html a patch for vtpm manager. The change in the files that do not compile is replacing TPMTRYRETURN function like this ;



status = x;

I do not really understand, but I tried it. It seems to fix the compilation errors for one of the files, but something else is happening for the other file :

In function `buffer_copy': /usr/src/xen-unstable/tools/vtpm_manager/util/buffer.c:181: undefined reference to 'STATUSCHECK'

and other undefined references in the same file.

So I'm pretty stuck here, and I'm desperate.

Any help would be really appreciated!
Thank you in advance.
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