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RE: [Xen-users] convert a running WinXP to Xen image

> Hi,
> A simple question (FAQ ?)
> Is it possible to convert a running WinXP to Xen image which could be
> run as domU ?  Any suggestion is appreciated.

As long as the HAL (UP/MP ACPI etc) is compatible between the old
(physical) and the new (virtual) machines (which it almost certainly
will be), and the old machine knows about an Intel IDE controller so it
can boot (which it should) then it should work.

I have backed up physical machines (HP Proliant's normally) and restored
them into Xen using Symantec Backup Exec's 'Intelligent Disaster
Recovery' which I think does ensure that the new boot device is in
order. One annoying thing I found was that if the HP system management
software is left running, it often bluescreens just after login if you
log in via VNC, and if it doesn't bluescreen, the management software
runs at 100% CPU. Obviously the designers never considered the situation
where the system was 'magically' transported to a different physical
machine. The point of that story is that you may need to disable some
services if you have problems in the new virtual environment.


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