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Re: [Xen-users] Tools to take a kernel crash dump.

Sreeharsha Totakura <sreeharsha.totakura@xxxxxxx> writes:

> We have noticed that one of our servers xen Dom0 is restarting
> idiopathically. Atleast, we are not able to analyze the cause. I have
> checked the logs but couldn't find anything relating to it.
> Are there any tools such as kdump (which doesn't seem to work on xenified
> kernels) for catching the kernel crash snapshot.

a console usually gets you most of the required information, and is easier 
to setup than a kernel dump.  Personally, I run a serial console on all
boxes, and log it.  This has the added bonus that you can get into the system
if you, for example, lock yourself out using the firewall.  

If, for whatever reason, you can't use a serial console, another user 
suggested netconsole.  (I haven't gotten netconsole working on a xenified
kernel, but that is not to say it can't be done;  I like serial consoles
so I didn't spend much time on netconsole)  - the other downside of 
netconsole is that it's read only;  fine for looking at your panics, but
it won't help you in the aforementioned 'I changed my firewall and now I can't
get in' case.  

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