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[Xen-users] Re: debian lenny domU installation

Wei Jiang <talk90091e@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

>>> -disk = ['phy:hda1,xvda,w']
>>> +#disk = ['phy:hda1,xvda,w']
>>> +disk = ['file:/workspace/vms/tvb.img,xvda,w']
>> This sounds OK, so it must be your specific architecture and version
>> combination.  I always used 32-bit hosts and Xen 3.2, so can't report
>> on anything else.  At least your problem is not the Debian installer,
>> but something more fundamental: starting the guest kernel.  Can you
>> start any 2.6.26 PV kernel at all?
> I have not tried any 2.6.26 PV kernel.

You must have, because the Lenny Xen installer is based on that.

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