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Re: [Xen-users] Xen hearbeat and automatic restarts?

I don't know about formal tools, per se, but I would just set up ssh keys between the DomU and Dom0. Then set up a script in crontab every minute (or X minutes) to ssh to the Dom0 and touch /tmp/myheartbeat.

Then on the Dom0, I'd use a perl program (because I write mostly in perl - shell script would work fine too, I'm sure.). Something like:

if((time - (stat('/tmp/myheartbeat')) > 120) # seconds to wait before killing and restarting the domu on a missed heartbeat
   system("xm destroy mydomu");
   system("xm create mydomu");

Save it and run it from crontab every X minutes.

Totally untested and just from the top of my head, but something like that should work quite well and should take a whole 10 minutes to setup.


Morten W. Petersen wrote:

are there any tools for Xen where availability of a domU can be monitored,
and if it has hanged or shutdown, it automatically gets restarted?



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