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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: [Xen-users] Xen viridian support/features

Uhm, just to get clear in this topic,
the great work of James is not that useful as it supposed in this thread. It leaks reliable support for exactly those Windows Versions with best Hyper-V integrations. So there is the choice to exploit Hyper-V guest integration services or absolutely ugly hacking around in a win2008 x64 guest policies with a real great chance to get the guest perfectly and unrecoverable meshed up. So it would be great at least to have things like shutdown notification out of the box, as it will be with an viridian interface implementation.

Again if xen provides a feature using viridian API win2008 x64 guests would use it without ANY modification.


Am 23.07.2009 23:28, schrieb Jeremy Fitzhardinge:
On 07/23/09 07:27, Tim Deegan wrote:
At 15:19 +0100 on 23 Jul (1248362393), Pasi K?rkk?inen wrote:

Any plans to write support for paravirtual viridian disk/network backends?
(I assume they have stuff like that implemented in hyper-v).

I don't think anyone's doing that, but there is a choice of Xen PV
drivers for Windows that will do the job.  Are the PV driver interfaces
even public?  I don't remember seeing them in the hyper-v spec, though I
haven't read the latest version.

They were implicitly published, at least to some extent, in the form of
the big HyperV PV driver dump for Linux.  But I don't think those
drivers are very featureful yet, though they claim to be planning to
release more updates.


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