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Re: [Xen-users] First XEN install: Installing XEN in virtual machine? &Remote GUI for XEN? & etc.

1) No, not necessarily.  Many VM systems (Parallels, VMware, even XEN HVMs) emulate Ring 0 access for the operating system running on top of it, so there isn't any reason for direct hardware access.  However, you really should grab some older or cheaper hardware and install Xen directly on the hardware - it will be very, very slow running inside parallels.

2) There really isn't much point to this - if you're going to be trying out the GUI tools, you really need Xen running.  Furthermore, most of the tools look for Xen to be running on the system and attempt to communicate with it upon startup, so you probably won't get very far.

3) Not sure what you're asking here, but you should be able to install the Xen kernel and management tools and not install X, Gnome, KDE, etc.  Of course, if you eliminate X from your install, this may also prevent you from running some of the GUI-based management tools.


>>> On 2009/07/28 at 11:35, Sanjay Arora <sanjay.k.arora@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am installing my first XEN based Centos 5.x machine. I want to
manage it from my laptop, which is a Macbook, running a vitual Centos
5 under Parallels. I selected Convirture (www.convirture.com) as my
GUI based mgmt tool but I see that it installs a XEN based kernel as
part of its dependencies.

1. I assume that a XEN kernel would require hardware interaction and
so would not run in a virtualized environment like Parallels. Am I
2. If so, can someone suggest a GUI based tools that does not require
xen to be installed on the machine managing XEN servers on the
network, so that I can use my virtualized Linux on the Macbook.
3. How do I install a non-GUI based XEN server that can run Linux
Desktop in virtual mode, in addition to other machines? I mean Dom0
should be minimal possible.

Please advise asap, so I can install my first XEN ;-)

With best regards and thanks in advance.

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