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[Xen-users] Hostname for domUs


I am running a prune-down OpenSuse-11.1 as Dom0.

The simplest way to change the domU hostname(s) (I have ten or so running concurrently for the LAB) was using the network card setup (under Yast2) or whatever you distro is, to modify it. Just be aware that you will have to turn-off the ability for DHCP to modify the hostname.


If you have a ADSL modem/router then setting up a DHCP via its web access is simple.

Otherwise why not set up a DHCP service on Dom0 (I don't suspect there are really any major security issues with doing so as far as I know)
where you can then issue each DomU with it own hostname(s) etc.

Hope this assists.
Cheers Grahame.

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