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RE: [Xen-users] Disk performance under Xen

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> We get the same performance under windows but comparing the difference between
> the two it's easier to demonstrate with 2 x Linux systems. With regards to 
> why we use
> HVM, this is so we can do P2V migrations of various OS' into Xen.

For Linux, a HVM to PV migration shouldn't be a barrier.  Install a pv-ops 
capable kernel in your domU (or 2.6.18 Xen-patched kernel), adjust configs and 
restart the domU.

You can also stick with HVM, but why cripple things?  Wouldn't you rather have 
device hotplug, balloon and fast I/O?

For Windows you can install the GPLPV driver to avoid emulated I/O.  I don't 
know what options exist for any other OS.


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