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[Xen-users] Windows domU opitimization


I'm new to Xen and after properly configured a couple of Linux based VMs, I'm giving a try to a Windows XP domU.

Installation is going just fine, network performances are pretty good after installing the gplpv driver (1Gb link properly recognized), but opening a session and usage is very slow through RDP.

I've allocated 2Go of memory and 2 procs to the VM but it's still very slow.

Dom0 configuration is pretty robust :
- 2x Xeon 1.6GHz
- 6Go memory (will soon be upgraded to 12Go)
- Linux Debian stable

With running 2 Windows domU (so 2x 2Go allocated to the VMs) and a Linux domU (512Mo and 1 proc.), the available memory on the dom0 decrease to less than 200Mo, what negatively impact the VMs performances I think...

While google-ing around, I've read that adding dom0_mem=<VALUE> to the kernel entry in grub permit to assign a specific amount of memory to the dom0 host.

My questions is do you think if I assign 2Go (dom0_mem=2048M) to dom0 host, this could optimize the global performances of the Windows domU ?

Linux based domU are running really fine and won't be that loaded (no GUI installed on them).

Thanks for your feedback.


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