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[Xen-users] unkillable zombie domU-s without IDs


I am having problems with some domU domains - I can't find a way to destroy  
them. I would appreciate some help and/or insight on what is going on. I am a 
bit verbose in hope to include some information that would help solve this.

# xm list
Name                           ID   Mem VCPUs      State   Time(s)
Domain-0                        0  3435     8     r-----     26.2
zombie.domU                         512     1              2626.2
# xm destroy zombie.domU
# xm list
Name                           ID   Mem VCPUs      State   Time(s)
Domain-0                        0  3435     8     r-----     26.2
zombie.domU                         512     1              2626.2
So, apparently I can't kill the domain. Also, it doesn't have na ID! Rebooting 
the dom0 doesn't help (though it renames the domains to their original names - 
which is weird). 

BTW, I Googled quite a bit before asking and all others did have an ID with 
their domUs, so this makes my problem a bit unique (I guess).

How has this happened?
I was running 6 domU, after dom0 reboot they started getting "time went 
backwards" messages which I didn't fix right away. Then I invoked `xm destroy` 
on one of them after fixing jiffies (my mistake - I should have used `xm 
shutdown`). DomU went into zombie state (without ID). I tried shutting down 
the others so I could reboot dom0 to get rid of zombie, but they went into 
zombie-land too (except for 2 which ignored shutdown). So I restarted dom0 and 
expected `xm list` to be empty - but all of the domains were there as zombies! 
I tried killing xend and rebooting, stopping /etc/init.d/xen and rebooting,... 
Nothing worked. 

Where does Xen take the domains from? Can I manually delete that info?

Finally I renamed the domains and `xm create`-d them again. Now at least the 
machines work, but I'd hate to leave it like this.

Any idea would be welcome!



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