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Re: [Xen-users] VT-d passthrough - NMI crashes system

>> I want to pass some FC adapters to the domU following the steps
>> described in the VTdHowTo -> http://wiki.xensource.com/xenwiki/VTdHowTo
>> using XEN 3.3.1 (SLES 11)
> iirc SLES11 has also Xen 3.4 available.. try updating to it? Also make 
> sure you're running the latest dom0 kernel.

The SLES 11 update sources do not provide XEN 3.4. But I found some
patches for the XEN 3.3.1 from Novell, After installing these patches
the domU can see the FC adapter. But still the whole system crashes with
the NMI error in the log of dom0.

Is there any indication that XEN 3.4 would fix this issue or is this
more likely a flaw in the hardware/BIOS?

Do I need to pass through the PCI bridge as well?

Thanks for your response

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