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Re: [Xen-users] Error with clvm

Hi again,

Do you think it's possible to restore some data from my VG.
I can't access it anymore. When i boot the host, it's stuck on
the error which i have describe.

If i move the volume on a another dom0, i can't access with lvm
because this is a clustered VG.
Is it possible to downgrade to a non cluster LVM, (remove cluster
metadata) without loosing data ?

Thank you.



I get this error when i try to start clvm (debian lenny) :
This is a clvm version with openais

# /etc/init.d/clvm restart
Deactivating VG ::.
Stopping Cluster LVM Daemon: clvm.
Starting Cluster LVM Daemon: clvmCLVMD[86475770]: Mar 8 11:25:27 CLVMD started
CLVMD[86475770]: Mar  8 11:25:27 Our local node id is -1062730132
CLVMD[86475770]: Mar  8 11:25:27 Add_internal_client, fd = 7
CLVMD[86475770]: Mar  8 11:25:27 Connected to OpenAIS
CLVMD[86475770]: Mar 8 11:25:27 Cluster ready, doing some more initialisation
CLVMD[86475770]: Mar  8 11:25:27 starting LVM thread
CLVMD[86475770]: Mar  8 11:25:27 clvmd ready for work
CLVMD[40800950]: Mar  8 11:25:27 LVM thread function started
CLVMD[86475770]: Mar  8 11:25:27 Using timeout of 60 seconds
CLVMD[86475770]: Mar 8 11:25:27 confchg callback. 1 joined, 0 left, 1 members
File descriptor 4 left open
File descriptor 5 left open
File descriptor 6 left open
 WARNING: Locking disabled. Be careful! This could corrupt your metadata.
CLVMD[40800950]: Mar  8 11:25:43 LVM thread waiting for work

I need to CTRL-C

How can i fix this error. Thank you.

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