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Re: [Xen-users] Xen and VMware Workstation

On Sun, Mar 14, 2010 at 09:52:02PM +0800, Rommel M. Martinez wrote:
> Hi! I want to run a Xen Dom0 (and DomUs) inside VMware Workstation. I
> used Debian for this and had the Xen-related packages installed with
> it. When I booted the VM using the Xen kernel, I get the following
> message from VMware Workstation:
>  A virtual CPU has entered the shutdown state. This would have caused a
>  physical machine to restart. This can be caused by an incorrect
>  configuration of the virtual machine, a bug in the operating system or
>  a problem in the VMware Workstation software. Press OK to restart the
>  virtual machine or Cancel to power off the virtual machine.
> 1- What could be causing this?

If your grub configuration is correct, it could be Xen or dom0 kernel
is crashing.

> 2- Are there things that I need to tweak to make things work?

You shouldn't need anything special.. you could try pci=nomsi for the dom0 
maybe that helps.

> 3- I currently have limited access to extra physical machines that's
>   why I'm using a solution like VMware Workstation
> 4- The VM boots well using the vanilla kernel and other kernels (e.g.,
>   OpenVZ).
> 5- Does this have anything to do with Xen's compatibility with VMware
>   Workstation?

Difficult to say which one is to blame. 
Would be good to see the actual console output to see what's wrong!

-- Pasi

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