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Re: [Xen-users] Thin Clients

Hi, thanks for your reply.

>>>> For example, I have ESX servers running win guests on them which
>>>> users access using a remote access tool.
> Does that qualify as thin client?

Perhaps in terminology but it's not what I need. What I need is to allow a 
remote user, using something like a wyse thin client to access a win guest on 
the network over the Internet. In the above case, they are currently using 
something more along the lines of PCAnywhere if you will.

> when using NX, rdesktop, vnc (or other equivalent technologies) it
> should not matter what underlying technology you use to run servers on
> (bare metal, vmware, xen, etc). So you could have servers running
> Windows/Linux on top of ESX or Xen, then have users access them using
> NX/rdesktop.

I am not following, sorry.
I use NX to host linux desktop's for remote users but I need to do something 
similar for win machines. It is not efficient to use remote access tools and 
want to use something which is much faster, such as NX desktops but for win 

Are you saying that the nx server can also host win guests? I've never seen 
that anywhere.

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