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[Xen-users] "strange" cdrom-messages in logs

Hi All,

I am noticing the following messages in my log on the dom0:
(cdrom_add_media_watch() file=/usr/src/linux-2.6.29-xen-
r4/drivers/xen/blkback/cdrom.c, line=108) nodename:backend/vbd/9/2068
(cdrom_is_type() file=/usr/src/linux-2.6.29-xen-
r4/drivers/xen/blkback/cdrom.c, line=95) type:0

I get this for every domU that I start.
I don't share a CDROM-drive (or any ISO-images) to any of the domUs. I don't 
even have a CDROM-drive in the physical machine.

All the disks that are used by the domUs are LVM LVs.

Is there anything I missed in the configuration as I don't think it should be 
trying to use any cdrom-code if I don't connect a cdrom to a domU?



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