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RE: [Xen-users] State of a rebooting vm

        Actually, when a VM is rebooted, it is destroyed and a new one is
created.  This should only take as long as a destroy and create would take
on the command line.  The only way to determine how long it took or when it
happened would be to look at the appropriate line(s) in the appropriate
logs.  I'm not an expert here and can't tell you where to look, and in
reality, I am simply making an assumption that is the opposite of Simons.
My reasoning for this assumption is as follows:
1) The VM ID in xm list changes 
2) The cpu time counter in xm list resets
        I can't tell you which log(s) to look in to figure out what you
want, but I should imagine it is possible.

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Ruediger Schmidt wrote:

>My question: what happens if a user triggers a reboot inside of the 
>vm, e.g. by executing "reboot" in Linux. Are Xen vm images always 
>running even if the user has rebooted the image or is it stopped for 
>a short moment right before the OS image is restarted? And if it's 
>stopped, is it possible to say how long it is approximately stopped 
>and/or not listed by "xm list"?

Firstly, that fact that your question wasn't answered probably means 
that no-one has the answer - just asking again isn't the best way to 
go about things.

As far as I know, the VM remains running when a guest is rebooting - 
but I'm no expert.

Simon Hobson

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