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Re: [Xen-users] Full Virtualised Guest not booting with waiting for sda2 to appear error

This means that either your kernel or your initrd does not include the 
necessary drivers to support the root drive, or that you're pointing it at the 
wrong device.  The first thing to try is to escape the default startup menu 
(hit Esc when the SuSE menu shows up) and edit the the default boot entry 
(select the entry and press "e" to edit).  Select the line with the kernel 
image on it and press "e" to edit it - change root=/dev/sda2 to root=/dev/hda2 
and see if that works.


>>> On 2010/03/24 at 13:14, <peter.chiu@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> I would appreciate for some advice on how to resolve a DomU booting
> problem.
> On an OpenSuse 11.2 (x86-64) server, I am trying to convert an OpenSuse
> 10.0 (x86-64) system as a full virtualised guest, using an image file.
> The image file is produced by running dd if=/dev/sda | ssh xen_server
> "dd of=/disks/guest_image".
> This method has worked before on other OpenSuse 10.0 (x86_64) server,
> but not this time.
> Basically when the guest os starts up, it seems to start up okay, but
> later complains
>     "Waiting for /dev/sda2 to appear.... not found - exiting to /bin/sh"
> and subsequently times out and returns a $ prompt, which does not seem
> to recognise any commands.
> I am aware that I need to
> a.       modify the guest config file so that the disk statement is
> referring to hda,
> b.       the image itself needs to be modified in its
> /boot/grub/menu.lst so that all references on sda2 are replaced by hda2,
> and
> c.       all references of sda2 in /etc/fstab are replaced by hda2.
> This trick seems to work on another host (which incidentally uses sda1 /
> hda1, as oppose to sda2 / hda2).
> But this time it does not.
> Interesting enough, despite of the change of the /boot/grub/menu.lst
> file, it is still looking for /dev/sda2, rather than /dev/hda2.
> During the boot up sequence, I can enter into the boot OS selection
> menu, select the boot entry, and edit the root device from /dev/sda2 to
> /dev/hda2.
> Only this time, it fails with a similar error:
>    "Waiting for /dev/hda2 to appear.... not found - exiting to /bin/sh"
> Any idea how to recover from this situation?
> Many thanks.
> Peter

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