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RE: [Xen-users] Gplpv on windows 7 problem

> I have server with dom0 xen4 from hg-unstable update, kernel
> update
> I have install gplpv on domU windows 7 pro 64 bit...
> gplpv_XP_0.10.0.142_debug.msi installed but not boot
> gplpv_XP_0.11.0.188_debug.msi and gplpv_XP_0.11.0.213_debug.msi give
> on installer:
> Testsigning must be on for x64 when installing on Vista or newer.
> But testsigning is on

The XP build is 32 bit only and is really meant for XP only (I think I
had to disable some stuff that is 2003 and above only)

For Windows 7, use gplpv_Vista2008x64_0.11.0.213_debug.msi. I did an
install yesterday on 2008R2 and it worked just fine.


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