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[Xen-users] Inconsistency in total memory size with latest vanilla kernel in guest


I'm using paravirtualized guests on my xen server (linux, xen 
v3.3.1). Yesterday I tried to compile the new vanilla kernel v2.6.33.1 to 
upgrade guest from v2.6.32. After upgrade I notice that I have only 386MB 
operating memory instead of configured 400MB.

I run a bisect to figure out what has changed and I ended up with commit
which is unexpectedly commented as 'fix totalram_pages counting'.

After a while of digging I notice that when I turn off xen ballooning driver I 
can trace this inconsistency even back to v2.6.31.

So now I'm quite confused. When running xen kernel v2.6.18.8 in guest it shows 
400MB, so I would expect it to be the correct value.

Does anyone seem the same behaviour? Could be the problem in 
kernel, or more probably in my settings? Or is this just problem with running 
quite new kernel with older hypervisor and update to xen v3.4.2 would solve 

Any hint, what might cause this, would be appreciated.

Michal Humpula

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