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Re: [Xen-users] Server hanging - Please help!

> A little more information. We did start making some disk changes on
> these servers. I was going to be moving from file based to physical disk
> based VMs from our SAN. 
> We added two 20gb disks at LUN1 and LUN2 and moved the 400gb disk to the
> end at LUN50. I modified fstab to load the 400 gb disk at the same mount
> point. 
> If/when the system hangs again we'll try moving removing the 20 gb disks
> and have only the 400 gb disk. Don't see how this will change anything
> though. 
> Thanks,
> James

Still having some problems with this. I've now had it happen on a couple
different xen servers. I thought it was related to a specific domU, but
the latest event did not involve that one. 

Basically the server hangs, but network activity, even on the domUs, is
still there. IE, I can ping both the host and the VMs, but I can't do
anything on the host or the VMs. 

The latest one took a week before it popped up. Happened sometime
yesterday or last night. Since pings still work, I'm not sure when it

Any suggestion on how to troubleshoot this?


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