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Re: [Xen-users] a demo website to learn xen on wiki (an idea that can be tried)

On 28/05/10 22:26, Nick Couchman wrote:
One of the main issues is that you'd essentially have to provide physical machines for this purpose, as I don't think Xen includes the ability to run inside itself (maybe version 4 does - can't remember).


I have been said (to be checked) that Xen 4 could allow a Linux domU to be considered as a dom0, and have this hierarchi:

  -- Linux A dom0
        -- Linux B domU in regard of A, with sub-dom0 support
            -- Linux C, domU in regard of B

With *THIS* recursion depth limitation: A(0)/B(U/0)/C(U only).

All this is only from memory, and should be checked. And is likely to have many more limitations (in terms of CPU, motherboard, Xen version, Linux version).

So, i just say: yes, worth searching more about this, if this is what you want.
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