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Re: [Xen-users] pfSense HVM

On 03/06/10 02:31, Matthew Law wrote:
On Thu, June 3, 2010 2:15 am, Jonathan Tripathy wrote:
I'm currently in the process of installing pfSense on my Xen 4.0 box via
virt-manager. If I use the IDE bus for the HDD, install is very slow. I
orignally tried it with the SCSI bus, and it was fast, however the
system woudn't boot from the drive.

I'm not sure if I can send you any config files, as I'm not sure where
virt-mamanger saves them...
Out of interest: do you especially want/need pfSense or could you use
something like vyatta which already distributes a xen domU image which
might save you the hassle? (not that I don't like pfSense as I have
several copies of it running currently :-)



Hi Matt,

Thanks for the suggestion however I'd like to keep all firewall solutions the same, just so staff are familiar with the settings. I've managed to get pfsense installed, it took a long time, but once its installed, it seems ok. I havn't done any throughput testing yet though


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