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Re: [Xen-users] about lvm filesystem...........

  Mauro wrote:
Sorry for my ignorance.
When I create xen virtual machines on lvm I need to create a
filesystem on lvm container?

assuming you're using LVs as your root and swap devices, yes

it does get just a bit trickier:

1. if you're using xen-tools to create your image, then it will create the file systems and swap device for you (assuming you give xen-tools the proper information about your LVMs)

2. if you're using your LVs as backing store for a block device (e.g., DRBD), then you have to create your DRBD device, and then make filesystems and swap on the block devices (again if you use xen-tools, it will do the right thing for you -- note: you need to tell xen-create-image to use your block devices, e.g. with options like --image-dev=/dev/drbd1 --swap-dev=/dev/drbd2 -- these are buried in the documentation)

3. if you're not using xen-create-image or something similar, you'll need to explicitly make your filesystem and swap device

Miles Fidelman (who's just finished doing this for several VMs, so it's all fresh in his mind)

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