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[Xen-users] network driver domain howto?

Has anyone successfully configured an unprivileged driver domain to host their network device(s) using xen 4.0? I've managed to pass through the PCI device which the driver domain and it works just fine. I'm not however able to get another domU to use the driver domain as a backend successfully.

I've got the network backend driver built into the driver domain kernel, I've copied over the hotplug scripts and I've installed the udev rules to fire off the scripts. Yet when I xm create this new domU (xm command is run from dom0) with a vif block as follows:

vif = ["mac=XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX,backend=nic"]

the xm command sits for quite some time waiting for a callback from (presumably) the driver domain with the following message in the xend log file:

Waiting for devices vif2.
Waiting for devices vif.
Waiting for 0.
hotplugStatusCallback /local/domain/2/backend/vif/3/0/hotplug-status.

After it receives no callback it shuts down the domU.

While the xm command is waiting for the callback the vif device is created in the driver domain and is visible with the ip command.

I've also tried creating the domU without a vif on startup instead adding it using:

xm network-attach domU mac=XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX backend=nic

In this case the vif is created successfully in the driver domain and an ethernet device (eth0) is created in the domU. The command fails however with an error message indicating that the hotplug scripts aren't working. Even after the xm network-attach command fails the ethernet device remains in the domU while the vif device is removed from the driver domain.

So basically I'm not sure why the hotplug scripts in the driver domain aren't being run. The relevant page on the xen wiki [1] gives no indication that I need to do more so I'm at a loss.

- Philip

[1]: http://wiki.xensource.com/xenwiki/DriverDomain

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