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Re: [Xen-users] about lvm filesystem...........

On Friday 04 June 2010 04:04:02 Miles Fidelman wrote:
> Mauro wrote:
> > On 3 June 2010 14:50, Miles Fidelman<mfidelman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
> >>   Mauro wrote:
> >>> Sorry for my ignorance.
> >>> When I create xen virtual machines on lvm I need to create a
> >>> filesystem on lvm container?
> >>
> >> assuming you're using LVs as your root and swap devices, yes
> >
> > I'm italian and my english is very bad.
> > If I've understood well xen-tools create the LV, then the filesystem
> > on it and then put the VM image.
> > So if I set, for example, 50G for my VM disk space and later I need
> > more space I simply do lvextend on the LV and then resize2fs, then
> > change the parameter on the VM config file, for example 100G, and
> > simply restart the VM.
> That's basically it.  I don't think you have to change anything in the
> config file if you resize the LV later, but I've never actually played
> with resizing volumes.
> Miles

The config-file for the Virtual Machines (Domains) only mention where to find 
disk-images. (LVs)
When you resize these LVs, the config does not need to be changed.

I would, however, suggest you test this properly before using it in a 
production environment. This way you will be certain how it all works.


PS. Mauro, your English doesn't look that bad, I have seen much worse :)

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