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RE: [Xen-users] Problems with GPLPV network latency

> When i install the GPLPV drivers the network latency goes from 15ms to
> numbers up to 1200ms and eventually dies.  If you run a ping from the
DomU to
> another host the network stays alive but the high latency is still

Are you really seeing high latency or just reported high latency? Eg
when it says 1200ms, does it really take an extra second?

What if you ping from Dom0 to DomU?

I have seen problems before when you have multiple CPU's and the Xen
timer stuff doesn't work properly so windows reports strange packet
timestamps even though the actual latency is okay.

If you have more than 1 CPU assigned to your DomU, try with just 1 and
see if the problem goes away.

> Also if I uninstall everything using the installer the DomU blue
screens on
> reboot, im not sure how to get round that without a rebuild?

There is an uninstall.bat file where you downloaded GPLPV from. Try the
0.10 version (it works with 0.11 too) which will properly clean the
registry etc.


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