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Re: [Xen-users] My future plan

Hi Jonathan,

you should think about flash or SD cards as xen-boot-drive.
This provides you lower costs and higher energy efficiency.
If you mount /tmp and /var/log to an tmpfs, this disks works very well and long.

If you dont need so much disk space for your storage, use sas disks.
SAS (10k/15k) disks provides you many more IOPs than sata disks (more IOPS per $/€ as well).
And very important: A very large cache for your raid controller.

Intel e1000e is a pretty good choice. This cards have a large buffer and generates just a few interrupts on your CPUs (in comparison to the Broadcom NICs).
Best Regards

Michael Schmidt
Am 08.06.10 14:55, schrieb Jonathan Tripathy:
My future plan currently looks like this for my VPS hosting solution, so any feedback would be appreciated:
Each Node:
Dell R210 Intel X3430 Quad Core 8GB RAM
Intel PT 1Gbps Server Dual Port NIC using linux "bonding"
Small pair of HDDs for OS (Probably in RAID1)
Each node will run about 10 - 15 customer guests
Storage Server:
Some Intel Quad Core Chip
2GB RAM (Maybe more?)
LSI 8704EM2 RAID Controller (Think this controller does 3 Gbps)
Battery backup for the above RAID controller
4 X RAID10 Arrays (4 X 1.5TB disks per array, 16 disks in total)
Each RAID10 array will connect to 2 nodes (8 nodes per storage server)
Intel PT 1Gbps Quad port NIC using Linux bonding
Exposes 8 X 1.5GB iSCSI targets (each node will use one of these)
HP Procurve 1800-24G switch to create 1 X 4 port trunk (for storage server), and 8 X 2 port trunk (for the nodes)
What you think? Any tips?
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