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RE: [Xen-users] Problems with GPLPV network latency

Hi Nick,

I'm sure James will have a more complete answer for you I'm sure but
here is a quick summary:
For Windows VMs:
Timer_mode = 1 (Correct mode for Windows, newer versions of Xen default
to this)
HPET = 1 or HPET = 0 (I think Server 2008 can use HPET timer but correct
me if I'm wrong)
Viridian = 1 (For Xen 3.4+ and Server 2008 or newer VMs)

Also, APIC = 0 (For single CPU only, may break or cause reinstall and I
have not tried this with Windows)


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What config options adjust the timer in Xen?


>>> "James Harper"  06/08/10 7:30 PM >>>
> Ian,
> I see some of the same behavior - pings from my Windows-based domUs
with GPL
> PV drivers have seemingly random latency times from < 1 ms to more
than 8000
> ms.  The funny thing is that I *know* this isn't the actual latency,
since I
> would notice a ping taking 8 seconds to get back - it happens very,
> rapidly.  There must be something in the GPL PV network driver code
that is
> supposed to (help) compute this that is malfunctioning.

I think you can mitigate this by fiddling with the timer options in your
config file.



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