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[Xen-users] Xen on Debian Lenny quite unstable

Hi folks,

I have several servers running the Xen packages from Debian Lenny - the cpu architectures are ranging from dual pentium III, dual xeons from 4 years ago and current quad core xeons. All share a problem: they frequently crash.

The physical machine then reboots, and in the logs there is absolutely nothing. The intervals between crashes range from just a day to around 30 days in the max, but mostly it happens roughly every few days. The only pattern I found so far is: the more virtual machines on the host, the infrequent the crashes (that alone is weird).

To avoid these crashes I tried
- setting dom0_min_mem to 1 GB in the Xen config and similar in the Xen kernel config in grubs menu.lst, - binding each domU to a certain cpu or cpu core while dedicating one cpu or core to dom0,
- dedicate at least 512 MB of RAM to each domU (whether needed or not).

Nothing really helps and I am stuck. Googleing does not lead to anything helpful.

Is it a problem of Debians Xen implementation (I had the same issues with Ubuntu 8.04)? Is it a general problem of Xen 3.2 (Xen 3.03 on my RedHat/CentOS servers runs very, very, very stable and smooth)? Is there anything I can do or check?

Any hint or help is appreciated.


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