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[Xen-users] pygrub error booting iso

I mounted an iso file like so:
# mount -o loop=/dev/loop0 /path/to/iso /tmp/mnt
#ls /tmp/mnt
cdromupgrade  dists  doc  install  isolinux  md5sum.txt  pics  pool  preseed  README.diskdefines  ubuntu

I used the following file to try to have pygrub boot the mounted iso:
name = "RESCUE"
memory = 1024
vcpus = 4
bootloader = '/usr/local/bin/pygrub'
kernel = "/boot/vmlinuz-"
ramdisk = "/boot/initrd.img-"
disk = [

vfb = [ 'type=vnc,vncunused=1' ]

Then I tried to create:
# xm create test.py
Using config file "./test.py".
Error: Boot loader didn't return any data!

Is there something else I need to get pygrub to boot an iso?


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