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Re: [Xen-users] [XCP]: RC1 of XCP 0.5 available for testing

Ð ÐÑÐ, 11/06/2010 Ð 21:27 +0100, Dave Scott ÐÐÑÐÑ:

> http://www.xen.org/products/cloud_source_0.5.html
> XCP-0.5 is intended to be a *stable* release, suitable for long-term 
> production use.
> Please download this release candidate and give it a thorough workout!

I found third (on my count) bug:

If we set up VM memory limits like this (on shutdowned machine):

xe vm-memory-static-range-set max=1048MiB min=96MiB vm=test
xe vm-memory-dynamic-range-set max=1048MiB min=96MiB vm=test
xe vm-memory-target-set vm=nonballoon target=110MiB
... and start VM. We found it take about 96Mb of RAM.

And if we starts to change it with xe vm-memory-target-set command, we
can increase, but can not cut memory down until about 230Mb (from 500 to
300 - ok, from 300 to 150 - no).

I thinks this have some relation with code in in

static unsigned long minimum_target(void)
        if (max_pfn < MB2PAGES(128))
                min_pages = MB2PAGES(8) + (max_pfn >> 1);
        else if (max_pfn < MB2PAGES(512))
                min_pages = MB2PAGES(40) + (max_pfn >> 2);
        else if (max_pfn < MB2PAGES(2048))
                min_pages = MB2PAGES(104) + (max_pfn >> 3);
                min_pages = MB2PAGES(296) + (max_pfn >> 5);

I think, those numbers are unreasonable (especially around 2Gb limit).

wBR, George.

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