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Re: [Xen-users] XCP Ram issue

please, look (and post here):
* free memory at xentop command.
* xe host-list name-label=[you_XCP_host]  param=memory-total.

Please, note: free memory for Dom0 != overall memory for Xen.

04.06.10, 14:49, "Peter den Hartog" <peterdenhartog@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hello all and thanks for reading,
I have a box running XCP with on it 8 VM's. I've added (after the installtion) a aditional 4 GB ram, to total it to 8 GB. 
open xen center shows 8 GB ram, but TOP on the host, and cat /proc/meminfo both shows 4 GB.
I have issue's with crashing vm's and i think it's because of the RAM. Is there anyway to let the XCP know there is 8 GB ram now, and not just 4 GB, or do i have to reinstall XCP?

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