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Re: [Xen-users] vifs and veth not created

On Fri, Jun 18, 2010 at 8:54 AM, ccmail111 <ccmail111@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I see veth interfaces also not created.
> only  peth0 is created.
> Kindly cc me email response/suggestions.
> Hi,
> I have Xen4.0 and see:
> bash-4.1# brctl show
> bridge name           bridge id                 STP 
> enabled                             interfaces
> eth0                      8000.524603000401 
> no                                            peth0

That is normal in newer Xen setup. veth are not created. vifs are only
created when there's a domU running. This is different from older Xen
setup, where it would create vif-veth pair in dom0.

> I dont see any vifs being created (ifconfig cmd used).
> Also in log I see:
> WARNING (XendAPI:705) API call: VIF.set_device not found

I'm guessing you don't have network backend support built on dom0.
Which dom0 kernel did you use? How did you build it?


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