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Re: [Xen-users] Web Console Access

Hi Jonathan,

do you definitely need a web console (so really browser-based) or would you consider a SSH-based console?

I personally prefer SSH because it is more secure, easier to set up and it is somehow the default way of accessing remote consoles. You can do a modified SSH setup that only allows access to the console, or optionally, access to xm console, xm list, xm shutdown, xm create but restricted to the own VM of your customer. With chroot-jails etc., other commands cannot be executed.
SSH also has the advantage of good copy & paste of larger commands, and the possibility to work with multiple client certificates and / or passwords. Probably your administrative interface allows uploading of multiple public keys, so that your customers can have multiple adminsitrative accounts for the server (but only one can access the console at a time).

I've got no experiences with ajaxterm, but you should really control its security:
Console access is quite useful for hackers, e.g. some customer may forget to log out root or if you use pvgrub / pygrub, a simple init=/bin/bash added to the kernel command line allows resetting the root password...
So it must be a really secure application, not vulnerable to XSS, SQL Injections, Connection hijacking, ... and SSL encrypted.

Felix Kuperjans

Am 18.06.2010 13:02, schrieb Jonathan Tripathy:
Hi Everyone,
Does anyone have any idea on how to give my customers a "web console" for their VMs?
Using http://antony.lesuisse.org/software/ajaxterm/ I can manually set up a remote session for them, by doing
ajaxterm.py -c xm console <DOMNAME>
However is there any way to make this automatic? Maybe I could put it in the vif script?
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