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Re: [Xen-users] traffic sniff problem


I suggest you to use *always* routing with VPS hosting.

First reason:
Routing only sends packages to the destination host, not to all hosts.

Routing is faster and easier to filter with iptables.

Only disadvantage:
You cant route broadcasts across multiple VMs, but you won't want that
anyway, because this is only for LAN situation and your VPS may rather
consider themselves as part of the internet, not part of a LAN.

But this does mean that you need to change your whole network setup:
- Switch the vif-script to a routing one, especially with firewalling
and static mac addresses (to prevent ARP-based attacks)
- Setup iptables in the Dom0 to disallow ARP-, MAC- or IP-Spoofing and
to deny ICMP redirect packages (and probably some other ICMPs, too).

You can secure a bridge, too, but this is harder and not as efficient as

Felix Kuperjans

Am 18.06.2010 14:51, schrieb Jingyun He:
> Hello,
> I have xen node, it has a few VPSes, it used bridge network mode, and
> we noticed that if one vps is restarted or a new vps is started, the
> bridge will send all traffic to all interface during a few seconds,
> and I did run a sniff program in one vps, it successful restrived some
> password with these traffic.
> Any solution?
> Thanks.
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