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Re: [Xen-users] Software RAID

Hi Jonathan,

Depends on you method: I would recommend to use the Linux Software Raid with mdadm. Just look at some tutorials / howtos, mdadm can be used quite straightforward (Google for mdadm or Linux software raid 1).

You create usual partitions on a disk, which are marked by id fd for raid autodetect. The kernel scans those devices and handles software RAID automatically. The RAID devices are named /dev/mdX usually and can be formated with a filesystem or used for LVM. You can also combine RAID and non-RAID partitions or RAID-0 and RAID-1 devices on one pair of disks.

If you want to use those Fake-RAID stuff of modern SATA-Controllers, I personally prefer plain software raid. This is usually used as Software RAID for Windows, because Windows doesn't handle software RAID itself, but the Windows SATA driver does. Linux doesn't need any hardware capabilities for software raid.


Am 24.06.2010 14:48, schrieb Jonathan Tripathy:
Hi Everyone,
Not really a Xen question, but I'm sure someone here will know the answer.
Is it possible to install a linux distro (CentOS) on a system that has RAID1 set up under "software RAID"? I have a machine that can only fit 2 disks, and no hardware RAID controller..
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