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Re: [Xen-users] How to install VM from CD?

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  • From: Steve Gambino <stevegambino@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2010 11:44:52 -0400
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Thank you for your reply.  Your tutorials are very helpful  and much appreciated. At the moment I do not have OpenXenCenter installed and will try to get it installed as it appears that it makes life easier. At the moment my invocation of wget runs and connects with the download site but keeps getting dropped.

Meanwhile,  I don't have the Windows Server 2003 installed on the its VM template yet but I'm getting closer (I think). It seems that when I start the VM with the CD in the drive, I can see the drive spin up etc but then nothing happens beyond that. I was expecting to see the installer load or some such.  I've looked at your other post regarding your HVM settings.  Here's what my configuration looks like at the moment.

[root@pmx004 ~]# xe vm-param-list uuid=1d1c7873-0d08-e519-3545-26db09bce9ed
uuid ( RO)                          : 1d1c7873-0d08-e519-3545-26db09bce9ed
                    name-label ( RW): WSServer2003_01
              name-description ( RW): Installed via xe CLI
                  user-version ( RW): 1
                 is-a-template ( RW): false
                 is-a-snapshot ( RO): false
                   snapshot_of ( RO): <not in database>
                     snapshots ( RO):
                 snapshot_time ( RO): 19700101T00:00:00Z
                 snapshot-info ( RO):
                        parent ( RO): eb767dcc-f1d2-11ba-0b45-e64fc716216f
                      children ( RO):
             is-control-domain ( RO): false
                   power-state ( RO): halted
                 memory-actual ( RO): 536784896
                 memory-target ( RO): 0
               memory-overhead ( RO): 7340032
             memory-static-max ( RW): 536870912
            memory-dynamic-max ( RW): 536870912
            memory-dynamic-min ( RW): 536870912
             memory-static-min ( RW): 268435456
              suspend-VDI-uuid ( RO): <not in database>
                  VCPUs-params (MRW):
                     VCPUs-max ( RW): 1
              VCPUs-at-startup ( RW): 1
        actions-after-shutdown ( RW): Destroy
          actions-after-reboot ( RW): Restart
           actions-after-crash ( RW): Restart
                 console-uuids (SRO):
                      platform (MRW): timeoffset: 0; nx: false; acpi: true; apic: true; pae: true; viridian: true
            allowed-operations (SRO): changing_dynamic_range; changing_static_range; make_into_template; destroy; export; start_on; start; create_template; clone; copy; snapshot
            current-operations (SRO):
            blocked-operations (MRW):
           allowed-VBD-devices (SRO): 1; 2
           allowed-VIF-devices (SRO): 0; 1; 2; 3
                possible-hosts ( RO): 62c35377-09c5-4b0f-a43a-0cff42dd1add
               HVM-boot-policy ( RW): BIOS order
               HVM-boot-params (MRW): order: dc
         HVM-shadow-multiplier ( RW): 1.000
                     PV-kernel ( RW):
                    PV-ramdisk ( RW):
                       PV-args ( RW):
                PV-legacy-args ( RW):
                 PV-bootloader ( RW):
            PV-bootloader-args ( RW):
           last-boot-CPU-flags ( RO):
              last-boot-record ( RO): '('struct' ('uuid' '1d1c7873-0d08-e519-3545-26db09bce9ed') ('allowed_operations' ('array')) ('current_operations' ('struct' ('OpaqueRef:8e76b8c8-4f6e-db16-a675-6747386a2b38' 'start'))) ('power_state' 'Halted') ('name_label' 'WSServer2003_01') ('name_description' 'Installed via xe CLI') ('user_version' '1') ('is_a_template' ('boolean' '0')) ('suspend_VDI' 'OpaqueRef:NULL') ('resident_on' 'OpaqueRef:NULL') ('affinity' 'OpaqueRef:NULL') ('memory_overhead' '7340032') ('memory_target' '536870912') ('memory_static_max' '536870912') ('memory_dynamic_max' '536870912') ('memory_dynamic_min' '536870912') ('memory_static_min' '268435456') ('VCPUs_params' ('struct')) ('VCPUs_max' '1') ('VCPUs_at_startup' '1') ('actions_after_shutdown' 'destroy') ('actions_after_reboot' 'restart') ('actions_after_crash' 'restart') ('consoles' ('array')) ('VIFs' ('array')) ('VBDs' ('array' 'OpaqueRef:71cd561b-d7df-6aea-66e0-f53abd93e0fe' 'OpaqueRef:c3f54148-f2d5-5add-5d75-f609d79e60ff')) ('crash_dumps' ('array')) ('VTPMs' ('array')) ('PV_bootloader' '') ('PV_kernel' '') ('PV_ramdisk' '') ('PV_args' '') ('PV_bootloader_args' '') ('PV_legacy_args' '') ('HVM_boot_policy' 'BIOS order') ('HVM_boot_params' ('struct' ('order' 'dc'))) ('HVM_shadow_multiplier' ('double' '1')) ('platform' ('struct' ('timeoffset' '0') ('nx' 'false') ('acpi' 'true') ('apic' 'true') ('pae' 'true') ('viridian' 'true'))) ('PCI_bus' '') ('other_config' ('struct' ('last_shutdown_time' '20100623T18:39:55Z') ('last_shutdown_action' 'Destroy') ('last_shutdown_initiator' 'external') ('last_shutdown_reason' 'halted') ('install-repository' 'cdrom') ('mac_seed' 'ae23e3b1-b6e3-ffae-7fb7-9eaaab007ef8') ('install-methods' 'cdrom'))) ('domid' '-1') ('domarch' 'hvm') ('last_boot_CPU_flags' ('struct')) ('is_control_domain' ('boolean' '0')) ('metrics' 'OpaqueRef:7a428265-5335-1b7b-5c0f-1b13818f11fe') ('guest_metrics' 'OpaqueRef:NULL') ('last_booted_record' '') ('recommendations' '<restrictions><restriction field=\"memory-static-max\" max=\"34359738368\" /><restriction field=\"vcpus-max\" max=\"8\" /><restriction property=\"number-of-vbds\" max=\"7\" /><restriction property=\"number-of-vifs\" max=\"7\" /></restrictions>') ('xenstore_data' ('struct')) ('ha_always_run' ('boolean' '0')) ('ha_restart_priority' '') ('is_a_snapshot' ('boolean' '0')) ('snapshot_of' 'OpaqueRef:NULL') ('snapshots' ('array')) ('snapshot_time' ('dateTime.iso8601' '19700101T00:00:00Z')) ('transportable_snapshot_id' '') ('blobs' ('struct')) ('tags' ('array')) ('blocked_operations' ('struct')) ('snapshot_info' ('struct')) ('snapshot_metadata' '') ('parent' 'OpaqueRef:2d342a4b-50a7-a114-c499-31e700309db6') ('children' ('array')) ('bios_strings' ('struct')))'
                   resident-on ( RO): <not in database>
                      affinity ( RW): <not in database>
                  other-config (MRW): last_shutdown_time: 20100623T18:41:07Z; last_shutdown_action: Destroy; last_shutdown_initiator: external; last_shutdown_reason: halted; install-repository: cdrom; mac_seed: ae23e3b1-b6e3-ffae-7fb7-9eaaab007ef8; install-methods: cdrom
                        dom-id ( RO): -1
               recommendations ( RO): <restrictions><restriction field="memory-static-max" max="34359738368" /><restriction field="vcpus-max" max="8" /><restriction property="number-of-vbds" max="7" /><restriction property="number-of-vifs" max="7" /></restrictions>
                 xenstore-data (MRW):
                 ha-always-run ( RW): false
           ha-restart-priority ( RW):
                         blobs ( RO):
                    start-time ( RO): 20100623T18:40:45Z
                  install-time ( RO): 20100623T15:55:03Z
                  VCPUs-number ( RO): 1
             VCPUs-utilisation (MRO):
                    os-version (MRO): <not in database>
            PV-drivers-version (MRO): <not in database>
         PV-drivers-up-to-date ( RO): <not in database>
                        memory (MRO): <not in database>
                         disks (MRO): <not in database>
                      networks (MRO): <not in database>
                         other (MRO): <not in database>
                          live ( RO): <not in database>
    guest-metrics-last-updated ( RO): <not in database>
                   cooperative ( RO): true

On Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 5:04 AM, Stephen Spector <stephen.spector@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I installed Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) following the steps in the XCP Installation Guide. Next I want to install two VMs (SLES 10 and Windows Server 2003) to use as a testing platform for a product under development. 

The XCP Virtual Machine Installation Guide states that "The Windows VM can be installed either from an install CD in a physical CD-ROM on the Xen Cloud Platform host, or from an ISO image of your Windows media."   I would like to install from the install CD.  My question though is how?  I don't see a series of basic steps in the guide.  The guide earlier states that VMs are installed from templates.  So I installed the template for Windows Server 2003 SP2 using the XE tool:

xe vm-install new-name-label=<name> template-uuid=<uuid_of_desired_template>

If I issue xe vm-list I can see the template installed. It lists:

uuid (  RO)               :  1bd800c9-4ccf-a786-6436-a34a3eec108c
name-label      ( RW):  Windows Server 2003
power-state:    ( RO):   running

That seems well and good. But now I'm really stuck as to what the next step is to install the Windows Server 2003 from CD.  I've looked through all the xe VM commands in the Reference guide for clues which I'm sure are there and obvious to the more experienced of you out there. I'm new to this domain and have been asked to explore it by my team as a potential platform for our testing purposes.


Take a look at http://blog.xen.org/index.php/2010/03/19/xcp-tutorial-creation-of-a-windows-7-guest/ which has the instructions I used to install Win7 from a CD on XCP. Thanks.



Stephen Spector


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