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[Xen-users] use PCI VGA card on domU, and questions about USB


I have several video cards and want to use one of them for a particular domU

http://wiki.xensource.com/xenwiki/XenFaq section 7.3 states "not at the
moment"; but, i know that this have been written years ago, and that
since that time, things changed.

I found last month a page telling how to pactch a kernel, but, i can't
find it again.

Can you point me to the right "up to date" page, or mailing list archive ?

ATM I am using ATI R4350 on AMD 64, Gentoo stable, with kernel XEN
2.6.34 (xen-source).

For now, what I want to know is:
- what are the patches required to use PCI devices under domU (VGA for
now, but maybe other ones later on)
- are those patches included automaticly by the gentoo package xen-source ?
- what are the symboles i must activate ?
- boot arguments to add
- HVM conf to customise

But all of this may be explained in a forum or Wiki. I just don't find it.

Does Qemu support PCI hotplug ? to add PCI card after boot like for USB:
usb_add host:xxxx:yyyy

*** *** ***

I have a related problem:
let say i want to plug a specific USB device to domU before i start the
machine; then i put in the conf:

usbdevice = "host:0421:04f0"

This works fine. When starting the domU, it works as expected. But, the
mouse in VNC goes wrong. The mouse normally get fixed with

but as I add usbdevice = "host:0421:04f0", usbdevice='tablet' seems
ignored. What's wrong ? maybe i should do something like
usbdevice={'tablet', "host:0421:04f0"} ?

Is it possible to dedicate to a domU a specific USB branch ? I mean, a
port on the dom0, or a Hub, so that, i just put this node/plug in the
HVM conf, and, all peripherals i add after starting domU will be managed
by the domU automaticly.

Is it possible to add a USB device to a domU/Qemu from a domO console ?
I mean, run a bash command or script, instead of having to hit
ctrl-alt-2 in the vnc/qemu window.

I will have the problem again if I want to add several PCI devices to my


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