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Re: [Xen-users] various minor problems

On 25/06/10 19:14, Fajar A. Nugraha wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 25, 2010 at 11:43 PM, Doublehp <doublehp-xen@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> 1: is it possible to use ioemu:sda instead of ioemu:hda ?
> So why do you want to put sda instead of hda?

Once, i wanted to install Debian in a domU using install CD, and, I
wanted to force the installer to detec the virtual disk as being SCSI
instead of P-ATA/IDE. I was wondering if putting :sda would make qemu
understand I wanted any kind of SCSI ...

I had not phrased my first email properly.

>> 4: during dom0 startup:
>>> * Starting Xen control daemon ...
>>> * Error: either "local" is duplicate, or "" is a
>> garbage.       [ ok ]
>> before I do <<many things with my conf>>, it used to complain about
>> inet6. So, it seems the problem is not really IPv6 support, but
>> something else. This may be Gentoo specific issue, or even kernel specific.
>> is an alias for eth0; after Xend, all my IPs are removed,
>> and I have to re-declare all of them manually.
> It might be related to the fact that xen's default network bridge
> script does some interface renaming and ip address/route transfer. In
> your case it doesn't work so well. I suggest you create bridges
> manually using your OS config files, and comment out network-script
> line on xend-config.sxp. Note that this approach requires some basic
> knowledge on how Linux bridging works.

proposed patch does not work for me.

I have good knowledge in iptables, but, not in Xen related routing and
bridging. What i know is, as I change anything in the Xen conf, domU
looses networking. After a long chat on IRC, I just ... don't understand
how Xen plays with interfaces; I finally gave up trying to understand.
Things in my host do not work like explained in tutos, and, not as the
IRC peopled explained me.

I wonder if Gentoo is hiding somewhere some if-rename call so that eth0
and peth0 are *NOT* inverted as they should be after xend have started ...

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