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RE: [Xen-users] Software RAID

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  • Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2010 20:25:35 +0100
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Sorry, I forgot to mention that this isn't really a Xen related issue.

I will be installing CentOS from scratch on a bare metal system (while will be running Xen eventually, of course)

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On 25/06/10 18:46, Jonathan Tripathy wrote:
> If I installed CentOS with RAID1 using software RAID, would it work in
> such a way that if I were to remove one drive, the system would continue
> to function?

> I'm having a hard time understand this. Everytime I think it through in
> my head, I end up in a "chicken-and-egg" suitation...

> Thanks

Raid1 is designed to resist disk failure.

You need to explain your configuration in details if you want us to tell
what we think about it. I can' see how this can be Xen related.

You have the dom0. It performs certain actions, and, dom0 is, by itself,
a layer. On top of this layer, you add more stuff. Write it down on a
paper, layer by layer (i do it upside down in this email)
- disks
- disk controller, can be hard raid
- dom0 kernel
- mdadm optionnal
- LVM optionnal
- dom0 system
- xen
- domU kernel
- mdadm optionnal
- LVM optionnal
- domU system

It also depends if you use HVM or not ...

You write where your disks are, and where you did your soft raid, and,
things will look trivial after that :)

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