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Re: [Xen-users] Verify my understanding of PVs mounting partitions please

On 28/06/10 20:48, Lippert, Kenneth B. wrote:
I haven't been able to test this on my hardware yet, but as I understand
this should be possible:

I have a computer with several physical partitions: (say /dev/sda1.
/dev/sdb1, /dev/sdb2).

I build a PV which boots from  a file-based disk image somewhere in the
/dev/sdb1 partition (/usr1/xen_vm_images/disk0).

> From that PV I can mount one of the real physical partitions (/dev/sdb2)
and read/write to it.  I can also export it via NFS.

> From the dom0 I can ALSO mount /dev/sdb2 (being careful not to write to

No; no more than you can share a disk between two machines; the file system visible through the read-only mount is dirty, inconsistent and changing in ways that read-only file systems are not able to change.

If you want access to the same file system from more than one machine (real or virtual) then you need a clustered file system.


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