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Re: [Xen-users] use PCI VGA card on domU, and questions about USB

On 30/06/10 07:02, Ady Deac wrote:
> Hi,
> All the AMD CPUs (I guess except for the lower end Semprons, but I 
> guess those also apply) from the last (at least 4-5 years) have 
> virtualization caps. It is shown as "svm" in the CPU flags: 
> http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=125099
> Offcourse, the BIOS must support it too. And I guess you need to 
> either buy another mobo (see Gigabyte or Asus), or hammer your mobo 
> producer to release a BIOS to support it. What is your mobo anyways?

That's what I forgot to tell about (had so many bugs to fix and report
yesterday, my mind went wrong).


I can not change it, because it's the only one I can use for my needs
(ATX not micro, AM3, integrated VGA, two large PCI-E ports = only one

My BIOS says nothing. I tried to start xen with all required options,
and, after boot, it says options I Asked are disabled (i was following
the URL I was given earlier): PCI pass throught is not supported.

I am tired fighting with manifacturers. I'll just shutup.

> I'm pretty sure you DO NOT want to have a Gigabyte or Asus board if 
> you are trying to do PCI Passthrough.

I am pretty sure you do not want any other manif if you want your MB to
last 5 to 8 years, and not look at your capacitors burn out in less than
a year (or many alternative low level issue).

> I have personal experience with ASUS and trying to get them to fix a
> problem with their BIOS is nearly impossible even when you have
> Windows and they will talk to you

I know. That's why I will shut up.

It does not work. Full stop.

I think only Apple is taking care of features *AND* long term stability.

Any way, the problem is not Gygabyte, Asus, AMD, Intel, Microsoft or
Apple; the root problems are:
- x86
- modern worldwide consumer mentality (buy, use, throught away).

99% people don't care when what they buy do not do what they paid for.

 >o_/ DEMAINE Benoit-Pierre (aka DoubleHP) http://benoit.demaine.info/
If computing were an exact science, IT engineers would'nt have work \_o<

"So all that's left, Is the proof that love's not only blind but deaf."

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