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[Xen-devel] RE: [RFC] tmem ABI change... backwards compatibility unnecessary?

> > Comments or questions?  (If agreeable, positive public
> > acks appreciated.)
> Thank You, Dan. What needed to do, to use tmem v1? Does it needed to
> recompile dom0 kernel, or only domU kernel affected by change?

I am working on a patch now for tmem v1 which will change
the hypervisor and xend. (I don't think the xl tools fully
support tmem yet, but will look at that later.)  

The dom0 kernel will not need to change unless you enable tmem
in your dom0 kernel.  I do not normally recommend enabling
tmem in dom0, though some do.

Any domU kernel that enables tmem also must move to v1.
I will provide kernel patches when I complete the hypervisor
and tools patch.


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